GreenBioClean Scale Remover Liquid is an environmentally friendly and efficient treatment designed for removal of hard water scale, urinary scale build-up and accumulated waste in vacuum pipes and toilet systems. The proporties of the Liquid provide for extended dwell time and effective distribution in vacuum system lines. This powelful product prevents scale build-up in vacuum toilet lines, holding tanks and components and keep sewage flowing freely. GreenBioCleanScale Remover Liquid can also be used directly on scale build-up in toilet bowls for local cleaning and is safe for use on stainless steel, acrylic plastic and good quality paint. Routine use of GreenBioClean Scale Remover Liquid puts an end to scale in toilet systems.

Airplane vacuum pipe

Urine combines with minerals in the water to form a thick, hard layer on the inside of sewage pipes called scale. This scale build-up can restrict the flow of sewage, reducing vacuum effeciency and eventually blocking the pipes. In horizontal fittings especially, the aggressive salts can attack valves and piping over a period of time.

To combat these problems effectively, we recommend use of GreenBioClean Scale Remover Liquid in toilets or vacuum pipes as a routine treatment.

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