McGean is committed to sustainability concepts for both the products we supply our customers and our supply chain operations. We focus on meeting customer needs and our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to work closely with our customers in both the Cee-Bee Aviation Products and our Specialty Chemicals businesses to develop and supply environmentally friendly products.

The scientists in our Cee-Bee Aviation Products business continually work with customers to provide new formulations that meet performance targets, yet use more environmentally friendly ingredients. Examples of these efforts are new formulations that reduce the use of volatile organic chemicals (VOC's) and the replacement of materials that were shown to degrade slowly in the environment with biodegradable ingredients.

McGean's Specialty Chemicals Division is a world leader in the manufacture of trivalent chromium products. Trivalent chromium is a non-hazardous material that can be used as a substitute for the highly hazardous hexavalent chromium while providing many of the same performance properties.

The chrome molecule provides critical performance properties in numerous applications ranging from surface finishing chemicals used to manufacture automobiles, to enhanced oil field recovery, as well as numerous others. McGean's chemists work with our customers to custom tailor an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous product that will meet their performance needs while replacing the hazardous hexavalent chromium.

Internal to McGean, we have made the commitment to sustainability in our operations. This involves the complete integration of environmental, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) management practices throughout our manufacturing operations

In the United States, McGean's facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and Livonia, Michigan are certified to SOCMA's ChemStewards EHS&S management system. This is a comprehensive system that drives performance improvement in all EHS&S aspects. Prior to being certified, each facility is required to successfully complete an audit conducted by an approved third-party auditor.

McGean's Wolverhampton, U.K. facility is ISO 14001 certified. In order to achieve this certification, the facility must have in place a comprehensive environmental management system that meets the International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements. The facility must also have successfully completed an ISO 14001 certification audit by an ISO approved third-party auditor.

Numerous recycling, pollution prevention, and energy conservation practices are used at the McGean facilities. Much of our packaging is manufactured from recycled components and packaging for raw materials and supplies are cleaned and recycled. We have utilized external auditors to perform energy audits on our sites and recommend conservation practices, many of which have been implemented. Examples are, upgrades to high efficiency lighting in the manufacturing buildings, installation of state-of-the-art control systems on plant boilers to increase efficiency and reduce emissions, and recycle/reuse of materials to reduce waste.


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