Cee-Bee™ Aviation has developed methods and products for cleaning vacuum pipe work systems in airplanes since the beginning of the vacuum toilet system era.

MerchINTs Cleaning & Services BV (MC&S) introduced this product range in the maritime industry with their GreenBioClean line over 10 years ago.

GreenBioClean now has gained experience in vacuum toilet systems cleaning in the maritime industry for over a decade. One of the results of which is the GreenBioClean Vacuum System Cleaning Program using digital dosing units.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Urged by continuous market demand and beside other techniques various Cee-Bee™ MR Digital Dosing Units have been developed and they are the heart of the Cee-Bee™ MR Vacuum System Cleaning Program, that stands out among all competition for more than one reason:

The GreenBioClean Scale Remover Liquid is very effective, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

GreenBioClean Digital Dosing Units are safe, user-friendly and fairly priced.

GreenBioClean Digital Dosing Units are mobile and easy to set up.

The GreenBioClean Vacuum System Cleaning Program does not damage the pipe work, toilet mechanisms or biological      sewage treatment plants.

The GreenBioClean Vacuum System Cleaning Program provides a specialist method for cleaning vacuum pipe lines, including those that have push fitting joints tightening under vacuum, such as the Loro and Blücher types of piping.

The GreenBioClean Vacuum System Cleaning Program allows for all toilets to remain in operation when performed. It can take place anywhere at any time, without interfering with the vessel operation, even underway.

TheGreenBioClean Vacuum System Cleaning Program is altogether cost effective.

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